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Unit: SDL_matrix
Class: TMat4D
Declaration: see interface of unit Matrix

The class TMat4D provides a class to manipulate four-dimensional hypercube matrices of floating point numbers. The four dimensions are denoted by columns, rows, layers and time slots. Thus one can see the four dimensional matrix as a series of three dimensional matrices along a time line.

TMat4D is optimized for quick access to individual 3-dimensional matrices at a particular time slot. It provides the following properties, methods and events:


DataID Elem NrOfColumns
NrOfLayers      NrOfRows      NrOfTimeSlots


AccumulateLayer AppendToBinaryFile Assign
Changed Clone ConvertLinTo3DAddr
Copy1DArrayToPixel CopyArrayToLayer CopyArrayToTimeSlot
CopyFrom CopyLayerToArray CopyLayerToMatrix
CopyMat3DToTimeSlot CopyMatrixToLayer CopyPixelTo1DArray
CopyPixelToVector CopyTimeSlotToArray CopyTimeSlotToMat3D
CopyVectorToPixel CountValues CRCofData
Create Cut Destroy
Fill FillDiag FillLayer
FillRandomGauss FillRandomUniform Find
Free Lin3DAddr LoadBinary
LoadBinaryNoFmtCheck LoadFromXMLFile MakeValidColRange
MakeValidLayerRange MakeValidRowRange MakeValidTSlotRange
MaximumOfLayersToMatrix MeanOfLayersToMatrix MeanVar
MemoryConsumed MinimumOfLayersToMatrix MinMax
MirrorColumns MirrorLayers MirrorRows
MirrorTimeSlots Percentile ReadBinary
ReadBinaryHeader ReadFromOpenXMLFile ReadLayer
Resample Resize SaveAsXMLFile
SaveBinary SquaredSum StdDevOfLayersToMatrix
Sum Transpose WriteToOpenXMLFile


OnChange OnPercentDone OnReadElement

Last Update: 2020-Aug-23