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Class: TMat3D
Declaration: see interface of unit Matrix

The class TMat3D provides a class to manipulate three-dimensional matrices of floating point numbers and provides the following methods and properties:

Changed CopyFrom CopyLayerToMatrix
CopyMatrixToLayer CRCofData Create
DataID Destroy Elem
Fill FillRandomGauss FillRandomUniform
Find Free LoadBinary
MakeValidColRange MakeValidRowRange MakeValidLayerRange
MeanVar MinMax NrOfColumns
NrOfLayers NrOfRows OnChange
OnPercentDone Percentile ReadBinaryHeader
Resize SaveBinary

More details on how to use the TMat3D class can be found in the survey page.

Hint: For handling two-dimensional matrices the classes TMatrix  or TIntMatrix  should be used.

Last Update: 2019-Sep-15