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Unit: SDL_matrix
Class: TMat3D
Declaration: procedure CopyLayerToMatrix (DestMat: TMatrix; LowCol, HighCol, LowRow, HighRow, Layer: integer);

The method CopyLayerToMatrix copies the data of the layer Layer to the two-dimensional matrix DestMat. The range of the copied data has to be specified in the parameters LowCol, HighCol, LowRow, and HighRow. As a shortcut, setting both LowCol and HighCol to zero is equal to copying the entire range of available columns, the same being true for the range of rows when LowRow and HighRow are both set to zero.

The destination matrix DestMat is automatically resized to accomodate to the number of copied data cells. The parameter Layer has to be within the valid range (i.e. between 1 and NrOfLayers), otherwise an exception is raised.

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06