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Methods, Properties and Declarations of Rot3D

Public Constants

Type Declarations
ESDLRot3DError TAxDir TLblRequestEvent
Tr3ChartItem Tr3Item TRenderEvent

Align AllocSize AutoOrigin
AutoScale AxDir AxNameX
AxNameY AxNameZ AxSize
BoundBoxSize BoundBoxStyle CentX
CentY ColorChart ColorCubeFaceHigh
ColorCubeFaceLow ColorCubeFrame ColorCubeHidLin
ColorData ColorFrame ColorScheme
Cursor DataContainer DataTag
Font FrameStyle Height
Hint Isometric Left
LineWidth Magnification MouseAction
MouseRot3Axes NumItems OriginX
OriginY OriginZ ParentFont
ParentShowHint PopupMenu RotMat
ScaleFactX/Y/Z ShowAxes ShowHint
Tag TextFontStyle TextMarkSize
Top TypeOfFirstItem TypeOfLastItem
ViewAngleX ViewAngleY ViewAngleZ
Visible Width

CalcRotMatrix Clear CopyToBMP
CopyToClipboardWMF CopyToClipboard CopyToOpenPrinter
CopyToWMF Create Destroy
DrawTo FindNearestItemReal FindNearestItemScreen
Free GetItemParams Line
MakeVisible MarkAt MoveTo
PrintIt RemoveFirstItem RemoveItem
RemoveLastItem SetItemParams SetOrigins
SetScaleFactors SetViewAngles

Events OnBeforeRenderData OnDataRendered

Last Update: 2014-Oct-01