Component Suite Examples

This page lists some of the sample applications which come with the SDL Component Suite. You may download the examples including the executables (for Windows) in order to get a quick impression of the functionality of the SDL Component Suite. Some of the programs listed below are delivered with the SDL Component Suite both as Pascal and as C++ sources.

Program Unit /
Description Download
htmllabel HtmlLab Shows the capabilities of the THtmlLab component of the unit HTMLLAB. The user may set various parameters and can specify HTML code which is displayed as the label text.
(297 kB)
interpol3d Plot3D, RChart, Math2 This sample application shows how to calculate a smoothed surface from irregularly spaced data points. The user may read data from disk and display both a colored map and a rotatable 3D plot of it.
(500 kB)
invmat Matrix Allows to invert a square matrix using the unit MATRIX.
(294 kB)
jpg_browser Thumbnails This simple application shows how to create a thumbnail preview of JPG images by using the unit THUMBNAILS. The user may select any folder on the disk to display the JPG images contained in it.
(992 kB)
kohmap Kohonen The program shows how to train a Kohonen network using the unit KOHONEN.
(485 kB)
markselection MarkSel This sample application shows how to select a symbol using the unit MARKSEL and how to assign it to the glyph of a button. The user may experiment with various parameters of the selection dialog.
(262 kB)
membltest MemBL This application shows how to use a memory based learner (a.k.a. kNN modelling) to approximate a nonlinear function from sample data points (unit MEMBL). The left chart shows the generated data points of two different classes (red and blue) while the right chart shows the response of the memory based learner. The user can adjust the number of neighbors and the local interpolation method of the model.
(1.01 MB)
meterdrag Meter This sample application shows how to move the needle of the meter (unit METER) by mouse interaction. The user may either drag and drop values on the meter, or use the right mouse button to set the needle position directly.
(258 kB)
minical MiniCal This sample application shows how to control the calendar component. The user may adjust various parameters and can define his/her own personal holidays.
(258 kB)
molform CForm Compares two molecular formulas, and calculates all possible molecular formulas for a given molecular mass using the unit CFORM.
(301 kB)
movecar GeoMap Displays a car driving along a route of Austria. If you want to use GEOMAP for visualizing your current position (obtained from a GPS receiver), you should look into the source code of this example.
(2.66 MB)
multilinreg Math2 Allows to calculate a multiple linear regression model. If you are planning to implement MLR in your programs, this example will be a good point to start. It displays both the distribution of the residuals and the estimated vs. the actual values, and it calculates the most important parameters of the linear regression, including the ANOVA table.
(420 kB)
ntabedit NTabEd The table editor component of the unit NTABED can be configured in many ways.
(381 kB)
numin NumIO The program shows the capabilities of the unit NUMIO: formatted numeric input (decimal integer, floating point, exponential notation, binary, octal and hexedecimal).
(290 kB)
numlabel NumLab The unit NUMLAB can be used to display numeric values in various formats within a panel.
(309 kB)
objcur RChart Shows how to select the drawing item in an RCHART which is closest to the current mouse position ("snap object").
(310 kB)
onoffbut OnOffBut The sample application onoffbut shows the function of the universal button component ONOFFBUT. The user may change all major parameters of the component.
(250 kB)
percentile Vector, Matrix percentile shows how to calculate a percentile of data contained in a vector or martix. percentile uses the unit VECTOR.
(326 kB)
periosys CData periosys is a simple application showing the periodic system of chemical elements. You can click on any of the chemical elements in order to see details on the selected elements. periosys uses the unit CDATA.
(288 kB)
plot3dhole Plot3D This sample program shows how to create a 3D surface with holes in it (using the unit PLOT3D).
(265 kB)
plotit3d Plot3D Displays a three-dimensional color surface using the unit PLOT3D. The surface can be rotated interactively.
(340 kB)
poldiag PolChart Shows the capabilities of the unit POLCHART.
(319 kB)
printcht RChart The program shows how to print a chart based on RCHART.
(352 kB)
prjmeter Meter Several VU meters can be adjusted in many respects. The VU meters are based on the unit METER.
(375 kB)
processc RChart Shows how to implement a simple running chart for process control. The chart is based on RCHART and displays the last two minutes of data acquired from a virtual process.

(354 kB)