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The unit SDL_rchart contains three Delphi visual components which support the display of scientific graphs. TRChart has been designed for general purpose display of scientific graphs, TSmithChart is a chart which allows to display Smith charts as they are used in electronics and electrical engineering, and TContourPlot visualizes color-coded contour plots and isohyses. The component TRChart has been awarded the Delphi Choice '96 award from The Delphi Information Connection.

Methods, Properties and Declarations of TRChart
Properties and Methods of TSmithChart
Properties and Methods of ContourPlot


Using TRChart
Using TSmithChart
Using TContourPlot

Installation of the SDL Component Suite
Delphi and C++Builder issues
Product Information

The unit SDL_rchart is part of the SDL Component Suite which is comprised of a considerable amount of routines and classes for computing in science and engineering. The Component Suite is available for Delphi and C++Builder. See the order information for more details.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20