Teach/Me - Data Analysis
"Teach/Me - Data Analysis" is a software system which has been developed to support the teaching and learning of the statistical analysis of data. Teach/Me is an open system which is based on public standards (HTML) enabling the teacher to provide students with additional material via the web. In addition, a special client delivers full power and support for teaching and learning. These are just some of the features of Teach/Me:
  • full textbook on data analysis
  • self-configuring courses
  • full indexing of the material
  • more than 60 interactive examples
  • data laboratory to gain hands-on experience in statistical analysis
  • annotations that allow personal notes to be pinned to any text page

The textbook covers all important topics of statistical data analysis:

General: visualization of data, data preprocessing
Univariate data: mean, median, modus, standard deviation, variance, distributions
Statistical tests: hypothesis testing, t-test, chi2-test, F-test, outlier tests, etc.
Bivariate data: correlation, regression, time series, calibration
Multivariate data: basic knowledge, optimization, modeling, classification
Math background: vectors, matrix algebra

"Teach/Me Data Analysis" has been published by Springer, Berlin-New York-Tokyo, and is available both in German and English. For more information please visit the authors Web site. The Light Edition (without interactive examples) is available online.