Teach/Me - Instrumentelle Analytik
"Teach/Me Instrumentelle Analytik" is a comprehensive electronic compendium on instrumental analysis. It is comprised of a collection of modules which cover the most important methods of analytical chemistry. Besides of separating techniques (such as GC, HPLC, DC, and electrophoresis) all major spectroscopic techniques (UV/VIS, IR, MS, NMR) are described within about 400 pages.

This electronic volume contains a large number (50+) of interactive examples embedded into the textbook showing many aspects of the subjects by simulations which can be started directly from the textbook. This enables the student to gain knowledge and experience by a "learning by doing" approach.

"Teach/Me Instrumentelle Analytik" is currently availble only in German language. Its development has been supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education.

More details on this electronic book can be found at the authors Web site.