How to Become a Reseller

If you are interested in becoming a reseller of our products, please write a mail to In return we will contact you and explain the procedure, the discounts, the minimum required revenues, the one-time setup fee, and other important issues.

Conditions for Resellers and Procedure of Settlement

Our philosophy is to keep in contact with our customers. This is the best way to guarantee success and satisfied customers. Thus we do not resell the traditional way (i.e. delivering licenses to our resellers which they sell themselves to the end-users), but we do it the "Internet way":

You as a reseller provide us with the data of a new customer (product to be sold, name, postal address, and email address of the customer). In return we will send a license of the product directly to the customer and a notification to you that the product has been delivered. In parallel your credit card will be charged by the price of the product less your discount. The only work you have to do is to write an invoice to your customer and get the money from them.

The discount depends on the total revenues you are generating. The more you are selling the higher the discount will be.

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If you are already a registered reseller, please enter your reseller id below. You will then be connected to the form where you can place an order:

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