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Class: TMatrix, TIntMatrix
Declaration: Class TMatrix:
[1] function TransposeAndMultiply (MatB, MatRes: TMatrix): boolean;
[2] function TransposeAndMultiply (VecB, VecRes: TVector): boolean;

Class TIntMatrix:
[3] function TransposeAndMultiply (MatB, MatRes: TIntMatrix): boolean;
[4] function TransposeAndMultiply (VecB, VecRes: TIntVector): boolean;

The function TransposeAndMultiply calculates the product of the transposed matrix self times the matrix MatB. The resulting matrix is stored in MatRes (Versions [1] and [3]). There is an overloaded version of TransposeAndMultiply ([2] and [4]) which multiplies the transposed matrix self with the vector VecB yielding the resulting vector VecRes.

The function returns a TRUE value, if the multiplication has been carried out successfully.

Hint 1: The matrix self is not transposed and is left unchanged. Only a transposed copy of self is used in the calculation.

Hint 2: This function can only be calculated, if the number of rows of the first matrix (self ) equals the number of rows of the second matrix (MatB). The resulting matrix MatRes or vector VecRes are resized automatically. The following figure illustrates the context:

Last Update: 2016-Jun-28