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Declaration:function TimeString (Time: double; Fmt: byte): string;

The function TimeString converts a real number Time, which is looked upon as seconds into a string which represents this value in the usual time format. The format of the string is controlled by the parameter Fmt.
Fmt Format Example
0 16:04:12.44
1 HH:MM:SS 16:04:12
2 HHhMM 16h04
3 HHhMM'SS" 16h04'12"

Negative values are formatted as '00:00:00.00'. If the value Time exceeds 24 hours, the hours are not wrapped around. The format of the hours will be expanded if necessary.

Example: The statement "hstr := TimeString (77.3,1); " returns the string '00:01:17 ' to the variable hstr.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20