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Declaration: TGrepToken = record
               Action : TGrepTokenAct;

               NumChars : integer;

               Params : TCharArr256;
               ValidFrom: integer;

The type declaration TGrepToken defines the structure of a single token of a regular expression. The token consists of the following four parameters:

Action Kind of matching to be performed by the token. See TGrepTokenAct for details.
NumChars NumChars may take the following values:
-1 .....  Params contains a set of characters. Each member of the set is represented by a '*' character in the Params array. All other characters are marked by a blank.
0 ...... wildcard for any single character, Params has no contents
>0 .... number of valid characters in Params (Params contains a substring of length NumChars to be matched)
Params An array of 256 characters. The meaning of Params depends on the value of NumChars.
ValidFrom Holds the starting index into the search string for this particular token. ValidFrom is only valid if the pattern matching has been carried out successfully (i.e. the method MatchString has returned a TRUE value).

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20