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Class TFeatureMatrix

The class TFeatureMatrix provides a two-dimensional matrix of features of objects whose size is given by NFeatures and NObjects. The objects are the rows of the matrix, the features are the columns. It can be looked upon as a mixed variable-type matrix where the type of the data can be set individually for each column of the matrix. The supported data types comprises the following types: integer (fkInteger), double precision floating point (fkDouble), tri-state values (fkTriState), strings (fkString) and undefined (fkUndefined) - see TFeatKind for details.

In addition, each feature (= column of the matrix) is described by additional header fields which can be freely used by the user (except for the FeatKind field which controls the data type of the corresponding column).

The cells of a feature matrix can be accessed by several properties (FeatVal, FeatValAsDouble, FeatValAsInt, FeatValAsTriState) which handle the different data types. The feature matrix can be manipulated using built-in methods such as Assign, Clear, ClearObject, CopyObject, Fill, InsertFeature, InsertObject, Load, LoadFromOpenFile, RemoveFeature, RemoveObject, Resize, Save or SaveToOpenFile.

Last Update: 2018-Sep-10