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Class:TMatrix, TIntMatrix
Declaration:function StoreOnFile (LoC,LoR,HiC,HiR: integer; FileName: string): boolean;

The function StoreOnFile stores the values of the matrix elements in a simply formatted ASCII file. The parameters LoR, HiR, LoC, and HiC define the area of the matrix to be stored on the file. The parameter FileName contains the file name specification. StoreOnFile returns a TRUE value if the matrix elements have been stored successfully.

Hint 1: The precision of the stored values (in case of a real number matrix TMatrix ) is determined by the property Precision.

Hint 2: Setting both the low and high parameter of a dimension (i.e. LoC and HiC) to zero values forces the method to use all elements of that dimension.

Example: The statement reslt := Mat.StoreOnFile (2,1,5,10, 'TEST.TBL'); stores the elements between columns two to five and rows one to ten of the matrix 'Mat' on the file 'TEST.TBL'.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20