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Public Constants

Constant Value Explanation
CPUFeatureNames - see below
IsLightEd - see description
Release - see description
SDLVersionInfo - see description

The following table lists the clear text identifiers of the CPU feature set (constant array CPUFeatureNames: array[TCPUFeatures] of string):

TCPUFeatures Value
cpuft_fpu (bit 0)'Floating Point Unit'
cpuft_vme (bit 1)'V86 Mode Extensions'
cpuft_de (bit 2)'Debug Extensions - I/O breakpoints supported'
cpuft_pse (bit 3)'Page Size Extensions (4 MB pages supported)'
cpuft_tsc (bit 4)'Time Stamp Counter and RDTSC instruction are available'
cpuft_msr (bit 5)'Model Specific Registers'
cpuft_pae (bit 6)'Physical Address Extensions (36 bit address, 2MB pages)'
cpuft_mce (bit 7)'Machine Check Exception supported'
cpuft_cx8 (bit 8)'Compare Exchange Eight Byte instruction available'
cpuft_apic (bit 9)'Local APIC present (multiprocessor operation support)'
cpuft_sepamd (bit 10)'Fast system calls (AMD only)'
cpuft_sep (bit 11)'Fast system calls'
cpuft_mtrr (bit 12)'Memory Type Range Registers'
cpuft_pge (bit 13)'Page Global Enable'
cpuft_mca (bit 14)'Machine Check Architecture'
cpuft_cmov (bit 15)'Conditional MOVe instructions'
cpuft_pat (bit 16)'Page Attribute Table'
cpuft_pse36 (bit 17)'36 bit Page Size Extensions'
cpuft_serial (bit 18)'Processor Serial Number'
cpuft_clflush (bit 19)'Cache Flush'
cpuft_reserved1 (bit 20)'reserved'
cpuft_dts (bit 21)'Debug Trace Store'
cpuft_acpi (bit 22)'ACPI support'
cpuft_mmx (bit 23)'MultiMedia Extensions'
cpuft_xsr (bit 24)'FXSAVE and FXRSTOR instructions'
cpuft_simd (bit 25)'SSE instructions'
cpuft_simd2 (bit 26)'SSE2 (WNI) instructions'
cpuft_ss (bit 27)'self snoop'
cpuft_reserved2 (bit 28)'reserved'
cpuft_tm (bit 29)'Automatic clock control'
cpuft_ia64 (bit 30)'IA64 instructions'
cpuft_3dnow (bit 31)'3DNow! instructions available'

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20