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Properties and Methods of Gauge

Type Declarations
TGaugeBackground TGaugeIndexMode TGaugeOrientation

Align Anchors Background
Caption CaptionColor CaptionPosX
CaptionPosY CaptionSize CaptionStyle
ColorBg1 ColorBg2 ColorCover
ColorIndex1 ColorIndex2 ColorScale
ColorScheme Cursor Enabled
FixedDial Font FrameStyleInner
FrameStyleOuter GaugeZero Height
Hint IndexMode Left
Logarithmic MarginBottom MarginLeft
MarginRight MarginTop Max
Min MinTicks Orientation
ParentFont ParentShowHint PopupMenu
ShortTicks ShowHint StyleElements
Tag Top Value
Visible Width

Assign ConvertPixelToScale Create
Destroy Free


Events OnMouseMoveInGauge

Last Update: 2015-May-14