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Unit: SDL_matrix
Class: TMatrix
Declaration: procedure Assign(Source: TPersistent);

The Assign method assigns one TMatrix to another. The following properties/parameters are copied from the source component:
  • NrOfColumns
  • NrOfRows
  • DataID
  • the data
  • Precision
  • the events

Hint 1: In general, the statement Destination := Source; is not the same as the statement Destination.Assign(Source);. The first statement makes Destination refer to the same object as Source, whereas the second statement copies the contents of the object referenced by Source into the object referenced by Destination.

Hint 2: The Clone method is comparable to the Assign method. However cloning a data matrix copies only the data (not any auxiliary information, as for example the DataID), and triggers the OnChange event, while Assign does not.

Last Update: 2020-Aug-04