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A Personal Remark

We are putting much effort into the production of most reliable components and units for other programmers. Everybody who is using our software gets our expertise at a competitive price. But this is only possible if everyone who uses our software, registers it and pays for it. Initially, we used a shareware model to sell our software. However, after several years of success we were forced to change that model.

Thanks to some dull-witted people who think to be especially clever (they have published cracks to turn the shareware into the registered version), we had to abandon the shareware model and switch to a "free light edition"-model: the Light Edition is free, but severely restricted. Thus you as an honest customer are no longer able to test the full functionality of our software. Many methods are omitted in the Light Edition, thus preventing hackers from creating a hack which turns the Light Edition into the registered one.

We are sorry about this development, since there are several drawbacks both for you and us; apart from some practical drawbacks the most important one is in my eyes the destruction of trust between manufacturer and potential customer. However, we had to go into this direction simply in order to survive.

We always try to support you as well as we can, however this is only possible if all users of our software pay for it. So, if you don't want to kill the software industry (which depends on small development companies such as ours), don't hesitate to support our work and register this piece of software. The alternative would be the dependence on a few big players and a lot of unsupported freeware (no help file, no forum, no regular updates, etc).

Hans Lohninger of Epina GmbH

Retz, Austria.

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06