SDL Component Suite - Gauge

The unit SDL_GAUGE contains the gauge component TScaleGauge. This component allows to display numerical values via an "analog" gauge. Various types of indicators can be chosen, a few of them being shown in the figure at the right.

More details can be found in the online help pages and by using the free sample program below.

The unit GAUGE is part of the SDL Component Suite.

Free Sample Program

GaugeSample This example application shows the most important aspects of the class TScaleGauge. The user may experiment with colors and different layouts.
(327 kB)

What's new:

  • Release 10.5   [Oct-10, 2016]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.4   [Jun-02, 2015]
  • Release 10.3   [Oct-06, 2014]
    • VCL styles are now supported and coupled to the property StyleElements
    • the new method ConvertPixelToScale converts pixel coordinates to scale coordinates
    • bug fix: setting the Value property now works as expected for reverse scales

  • Release 10.2   [May-30, 2013]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.1   [Oct-29, 2012]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.0   [Oct-4, 2011]
    • no changes

  • Release 9.7   [May-31, 2010]
  • Release 9.51   [Dec-01, 2008]
    • no changes

  • Release 9.5   [Oct-31, 2008]
    • no changes

  • Release 9.0   [May-28, 2007]
    • first release to the public