SDL Component Suite - FileSys

The unit FILESYS contains a collection of system and file specific routines. Among many helpful routines, FILESYS offers the class TUnivSaveDialog which extends the standard save dialog (or any other proprietary dialog) by an overwrite confirmation request.

See the online help pages for detailed information on the unit FILESYS.

The unit FILESYS is part of the SDL Component Suite.

What's new:

  • Release 10.5   [Oct-10, 2016]
    • the universal save dialog uses now the class TFileSaveDialog as the default dialog
    • the function InsertBeforeFileExt allows to insert a substring into a filename

  • Release 10.4   [Jun-02, 2015]
    • the universal save dialog supports now the FilterIndex property
    • the new property ForbiddenDir of the universal save dialog allows to prevent a particular directory to be written to
    • the new event OnForbiddenDir is triggered if the user tries to write to a forbidden directory

  • Release 10.3   [Oct-06, 2014]
    • bug fix: GetTempDir created access errors under certain circumstances

  • Release 10.2   [May-30, 2013]
    • the procedure BuildDriveList retrieves the list of available disk drives
    • the function GetProgAssoc returns the program associated with a particular file extension
    • the new function ParentDir returns the parent directory of a file path

  • Release 10.1   [Oct-29, 2012]
  • Release 10.0   [Oct-4, 2011]
  • Release 9.7   [May-31, 2010]
    • the new function CountFiles counts all files matching particular search criteria
    • bug fix: version [2] of ReadHeaderOfASC now correctly reads old ASC-file headers which do not specify any information on categorial values.

  • Release 9.51   [Dec-01, 2008]
    • no changes

  • Release 9.5   [Oct-31, 2008]
  • Release 9.0   [May-28, 2007]
  • Release 8.5   [Feb-18, 2006]
    • component TUnivSaveDialog has now another predefined parameter "ext" which allows to force a file extension
    • new function EnsureDefaultFileExt adds a default file extension to an extensionless filename

  • Release 8.2   [Nov-03, 2004]
    • FileCopyFeedBk now copies the source file even if the destination file is only a path to a directory

  • Release 8.1   [Aug-29, 2004]
    • available for Delphi™ 8 for .NET
    • ScanFilesToStrList does no longer clear the string list

  • Release 8.0   [Apr-15, 2004]
  • Release 7.2   [Mar-23, 2003]
  • Release 7.0   [Sep-15, 2002]
    • available for Delphi™ 7.0
    • the unit is now CLX compatible
    • Feedback of ScanFilesToStrList enhanced

  • Release 6.5   [May-28, 2002]
    • available for C++Builder™ 6.0
    • TStringFeedback and TNumericFeedback implemented

  • Release 6.0 [Aug-06, 2001]
    • FILESYS is now available to the public and included in the SDL Component Suite 6.0