Epina & SDL


Valued Customer,

     during the last years our small business kept growing constantly, providing a source of much pleasure and, of course, much work, too. One of the mottoes I was following during all my business life, was "quality persists". So we worked hard to provide reliable software solutions for scientific and engineering applications. This strategy paid off - thanks to the thousands of companies and individuals who are using and buying our software.

In the end, it was necessary to take into account the requirements of a growing business by changing the legal umbrella of SDL. Thus, in September 2003 I founded a new company, called Epina GmbH.

The goal of Epina is to develop scientific and engineering software, and to offer this software to the general public. Of course, the SDL Component Suite nicely fits into this goal, and the SDL Suite will be developed and extended in the future.

Now, that Epina is the new legal umbrella, all commercial transactions are carried out by Epina. We kindly invite you to have a look at the Epina online shop, which is meant to be the central market place for software manufactured by SDL/Epina.

Last but not least, let me express a grateful word of thanks to my coworkers and employees, who have contributed a lot to the success of SDL and who will work with Epina in the same unchanged team.

Hans Lohninger
Retz, Austria,
Dec. 2003