Bug Tracking


In order to make the SDL Suite even better, we installed this public bug tracking page. Please report bugs in the user forum - we'll check your input and add it to this list as soon as the bug has been confirmed. See also: Release History

Date Component Short Description Details Status
Release 10.1
Sep-6, 2012 TPlot3D Font scaling problem when printing (1)
Jul-10, 2012 TContourPlot TextLabels are not transfered (are not visible) when using the methods CopyToClipBoardWMF or CopyToBMP. (1)
Jun-13, 2012 TGeoMap ConfinePan does not work (1)
Jun-11, 2012 TNTabEd/TDataTable ExportAsCSV does not export the column headers in the case the row headers are not included. - (1)
May-22, 2012 SDL_cpuid GenerateCPUID does not create equal codes under Delphi 7 and XE* (1)
Apr-05, 2012 TGeoMap Savemap strips the path to the imagefile (1)
Feb-06, 2012 TNumIO2 text alignment of left and right texts showed inconsistencies (1)
Dec-16, 2011 TNumIO2.LeftText Vertical alignment of left text is wrong if text is left-aligned. user mail E.L.
Dec-11, 2011 TReportListView TReportListView and UTF-8/Unicode (1)
Release 10.0
Jun-14, 2011 TDendrogram.AutoRange AutoRange should include the width/height of the object captions in order to ensure better readability of the labels. user mail P.M.
May-4, 2011 TGeoMap.SaveLandmarks The SaveLandmarks method does not save the LM ids and the time stamps (1)
May-4, 2011 Dendrogram / DataTable in contrast to ExportAsASC the method TDataTable.ExportAsCSV does not export the row attributes (which would be useful when exporting the dendrogram data) (1)
Apr-16, 2011 C++Builder / Thumbnail When using the OnImageRequest event of the class TThumbnail the program cannot be compiled under C++Builder ("E2015 Ambiguity between TBitmap and Windows::TBitmap") user mail C.V.

see Technotes
Apr-6, 2011 NumLab Numlab displays 059'60.00" if the Value property is set to 0.999999.
Remark by HL: this bug is actually a bug of the function DegreeToStr in the unit SDL_Math1.
Dec-03, 2010 GeoMap CalcExtentsAndResolution calculates wrong map resolution if the map spans more than 180 degrees longitude - (1)
Jul-1, 2010 Plot3D The component raises an exception if one of the axes is perpenticular to the viewing plane. (1)
Jun-20, 2010 RChart If the property Scale1X.RangeHigh is changed during design time while the property Isometric is TRUE, the vertical axis does not adjust automatically to maintain the isometric mode. - open
Jun-19, 2010 NumIO2 Wenn ich zur Design-Zeit den Wert RangeLow auf 0 setze (Format=iFloat, RangeHigh=200), ist dieser zur Laufzeit auf -1.7E308. Setze ich den Wert zur Design-Zeit z.B. auf -1, +1 oder +1E-5 funktioniert es wie erwartet. user mail F.S.
() - see 2)
Jun-18, 2010 NumIO2 The property NumIO->RangeLow will not be saved to the dfm file after changing by the designer. () - see 2)


1) The new code will be available with the next minor release of the SDL Suite
2) This is a bug of some of the older Borland/CodeGear compilers