Early Beta Releases
SDL provides early beta releases to registered customers who purchased the SDL Component Suite. Thus our customers have the advantage of having access to the latest developments with little delay. The beta copies are available in regular intervals.

Please note that beta test copies are what their name says: test software which is not ready for release. Thus this software may have (and will have) more bugs than usual, especially when dealing with new components. In addition, documentation may be incomplete, missing, or wrong.

Please have a look at the release history in order to decide whether you can benefit from the latest beta. In the case you find a bug, or want to make a suggestion for improvement, please post it in the SDL Suite Forum.

In order to obtain a beta copy, simply fill in your user id and your password and click on the "Request the Beta Copy" button when ready. Our update server will then generate the appropriate copies and send the download URLs to your email address.

Currently available beta copy:

Lost Passwords: the user id and the password for accessing the update server have been sent to you when you purchased our components. In the case you  lost your password, please fill in the lost password form.

Changed Email Address: the automatic update procedure requires that we know your email address. In the case you did not specify an email address with your order, or your email address is no longer valid, please send us your (changed) email address.


Note 1: due to circumstances which we cannot control, sometimes the mail server which is used to send you the license is down. In this case the response after clicking on the "Request ..." button is very slow (needs about 1 minute to react), and an error message is displayed at the top of the follow-up page. If you encounter such a situation, you should try again later.